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How To Ethically Grow Your Account On v2


only time will tell…


You forgot the essential… participate in the armstrong v2 Awards!!! :rofl:


Hi Ricky,

Good advice and great content. Since you mentioned the friendship thing I’d like to stretch my internet fingers out and shake your hand… maybe one day we can get together and have coffee… maybe even collab together.

I’ve got tons of great ideas. One of which includes twerking upside down with a fake butt. But More on that later. Hope to hear from you


thank you so much for this… you are so kind and encouraging!!! you were great on v*ne cant wait to see you and others on v2! <3


They really are. I have been on here for a little over an hour just reading through various things. So nice, friendly, helpful. All around, I think every forum should be this way. :clap: V2 staff!


Fancy seeing you here >:) hopefully v2 will lead us to working together again very soon.


Top contributor already? :smirk:
For sure we will :innocent:


i love this post! thank you!


No social media platform is going to require you to only be able to login through another social media platform. It will probably be with either: Facebook, Email, Phone number, or instagram.


That’s great advice. The hard part for me will probably be coming up with things that would actually make people laugh. I was never a part of Vine before it shut down, but I do sometimes see myself as a possible v2 artist. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


I appreciate the advice, Ricky! I take it that I’m probably on the right track with having multiple scripts ready to shoot. However, from what you’re saying, I feel like I may possibly have to quit graduate school in order to really grow and maintain my v2 account.


Bookmarked. Love the advice. #NeverMissADay


No no no no no. Don’t quit school for it unless your account is stable. It’s always nice to have a backup plan, but if you do choose to leave school, I’d say leave it when your account is growing and you start to get consistent brand deals/paid gigs (people wanting you to host events, parties, etc…).


Thank you for this piece of advice @Tyrellv2! I’ve talked with many people about this and not many people think it’s a good idea. I’m new to all of this so I genuinely appreciate any piece of advice that anyone can give.


nice advice, thanks alot!


Great post :clap:


this is gouda cheese(good lol)


You have posted about this before. This forum is for updates from @dom and the @staff as well as to discuss ideas for the upcoming application. Unless confirmed by the staff, there is no way anyone knows about this.

Having a trending tab for the app is a cool idea and I would recommend sharing ideas to this thread:


Just believe in yourself, dude !!! :slight_smile:


Can’t wait!!! Going to start planning out some ideas for releaseee.