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How To Ethically Grow Your Account On v2


Its like playing the stock market for exposure and fame :joy:


It honestly is. Only thing is, my chances at that stink too haha! :laughing:


Thanks so much! That was seriously a confidence boost. I really can’t wait for v2 to go live now.


Bumping this


This is an awesome read in terms of sound advice. Definitely look forward to your posts when the app comes about. Could have used this back when I first started on vine, though I came in during the dying of it so I only ever made 111 videos and earned a max 70 followers. Lol. But definitely like many others looking forward to breaking back into making videos again!


In the same boat man, being a comedy based artist they just don’t come as quickly then other days you’re over saturated with ideas. Lol


you’ll do great!!


you are hell of ready for it


thanks man. unreal tips, stoked for this :call_me_hand:


This is great post. Thanks for sharing your insight.


Honestly, thank you! #V2Love, what kind of content did you create?




hard to say. i don’t necessarily know what that would even look like. on Vine, the only thing resembling a visual analytics system was maybe the “on fire” feature. in all likelihood, the algorithms won’t be publicized and will compete with IG’s algorithms (which are currently making lots of influencers angry as they mandate calls to action). i would say that the only true way to learn the algorithms is through trial and error or observing the behavior of larger, successful creators


I think that when v2 will launch, it will may be simple to be popular the first/seconds weeks…


That’s interesting to hear. I kinda agree due to the flooding of users during that time


True, True. The most ideas come to me when I’m in the shower or about to fall asleep.


I watch your VLOGs and I didn’t notice your name when I started reading this post, so when you revealed it, it was the biggest plot twist of my

Your advice about posting frequently is important. Not just when it comes to the algorithms, but also for the sake of improving and learning how to make a compelling 6 seconds: lots and lots of practice.


This is some really good advice, man! Thanks for sharing it with the whole community. :slightly_smiling_face:


This is amazing insight. Guys, let’s please make this what vine wasn’t. A group effort. Don’t let the fame get to your head.


will definitely, keep this in mind.:star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: