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How To Ethically Grow Your Account On v2


sorry for all these questions… but, how do u figure out what type of content you can create. does it take time? and will people hate that, if Idk my content yet, my v’s are all over the place?


yeah, youre right. alothough im pretty sure being attractive does give its perks, you just have to figure out how you are with content. :smile:


How did you guys edit (and what did you use) and then upload your videos on vine back then cuz I swear there some vids on vine past 6 seconds


yoo @jennifer is bumping a thing ? :joy: :smirk:


@rickymontgomery I absolutely love this post man, truly helpful! But posting 1-5 times a day! It seems tough since I do comedy and it takes time to think up of a creative funny video :frowning:


This makes a loooooot of sense, good analysis


Good tips :grin::grin::grin:


I used cute cut pro ( for putting clips together), eraser pro (to cut out pictures), you doodle pro (also for cutting out pictures) for making really quick edits on my phone. Over the past year I’ve been using adobe premier and find it a lot better if you were wondering :tired_face:


damn. you put tons of time into this. thankyou.


I can vouch for @rickymontgomery he knows what he’s talking about :wink: My biggest takeaway from growing on social media is collaborations. Let your audiences intertwine and their interests might just align.


Would love love love to interact with you more around v2’s launch. I loved your stuff on v*ne and was enjoying a sharply rising follower count myself literally weeks before the app was killed. I was still too small to translate anything to any other platform and have just sort of listlessly floundered on other apps ever since.


What kind of videos is everyone going to do? I can’t wait to see the awesome videos! I’m a dancer/Singer and I also love to make YouTube videos. Make sure everyone post everyday and never miss a day. Work hard for what you do.


thanks for the really helpful advice!! (and it’s from the LAGFAQuAP expert himself wow)


Thanks for this! This is really true for most/all social media too. It’s a technique and it’s not as tough as it seems, just takes dedication! Would you say to prioritize making groups with already bigger names, or is it best just to join as many groups as possible regardless of who’s in it? Or would you say sticking to other people with content similar to yours would be the priority over number of groups and big names?


so true, I’ve been reading through your posts and they are so motivating/inspiring


Thanks @rickymontgomery! Great insights. :blush::+1:t3::vine:


This is such a great TLDR. I have a question, and hope you have the time for it. Do you feel that in the beauty of trying to figure out the algorithm in order to post at the right time, will there be an easy to use analytic visualizations? Something we can Gage and pay attention to?


I’m super nervous, because I’m less of a performer type of person as I do visual art. But I’m hoping there will be a market of sorts for me and other visual artists! I can’t wait for v2 to start up and I can’t wait to see all of your vids go live.


I remember how great the visual artists where on the previous app. It was the coolest of content. I believe you’ll do just fine, as long as its fun, imaginative, and relevant. YOU GOT THIS, @happy_penguin1992!


Great job on this post! Your points are all spot on! I think my main problem was utilizing the algorithm to my advantage. Hopefully this time will be different