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How To Ethically Grow Your Account On v2


it truly was a dead zone in the end. get on it quickly once it launches! it will get exponentially harder as the app gains traction


Seems like solid advice! Bookmarked.


Couldn’t of said it better myself :clap::clap:


I think that the v2 community is going to be amazing! Everyone’s so positive and helpful already. I can’t wait. Thanks for the advice!


True that


seriously appreciate it so much. i posted a lot of music but it didn’t seem to gain much traction because although i posted regularly, i was completely unaware of the algorithms!! thank you a ton


@rebecca a lot of it has to do with how congested the app actually is. when v2 launches, the amount of engagement your post will need to ascend to a popular page or a genre page (i.e. comedy or music) will be significantly lower than what will eventually become the norm. so, when the app launches, it may only take as low as 50-100 likes within an hour to get bumped into a popular page. i think this is probably not going to be the case with v2 to the same degree as it was with vine (because the app hadn’t truly gotten famous until spring 2013 and there was a more level playing field). there will still inevitably be a lower rate of congestion in the beginning, though, just because people won’t have any idea how to use the app right away.

TLDR: post as much as possible immediately once the app launches without oversaturating yourself. this means you need to post a lot but not too much. Don’t post 10-20 vines in a single day, post 1-5. think quality over quantity.

How Often Are You Going To Post Bytes?

Thanks, this is great to know. And people are going to be able to make some friends on here to carryover onto v2.


@Breahcaleo you’re right. the fact that you’re on this forum is proof that you’ve got the foresight to grow an account. you can always apply these strategies to other platforms in the meantime.


What do u mean by short and regular intervals?


As someone who has never created on Vine, does anyone have any advice regarding editing, software (if necessary), helpful apps, etc…


When’s vine coming out , the beta or official



i remember when i was on vine and would always think like wow i could really be out here, being funny, being creative, etc.
then i remembered im also lowkey ugly sksks


@trax all this means is to post content often and regularly. for example, on Vine it was considered optimal to post 1-2 vines per day if you could manage it. Word of caution: it’s very hard to do for longer than a few days and even harder to do indefinitely.


ooooohhh. that makes more sense.


@Ednita you don’t need to be attractive to succeed on the internet. You also don’t need to be funny or creative! All it takes is persistence, strategy and follow through. Learn your strengths, figure out what you’re not good at (for me, it’s posting regularly) and adapt. AKA FIND YOUR NICHE


Now since I’m clarified. How do u do that? like how do u post 1-2 a day? is there a way to do that since that will mean u will be needing to film like everyday. like is it hard?


yoo thanks for your help bro appreciate it


@trax it’s very hard :slight_smile: but possible! you need to figure out what type of content you can create a lot of that’s unique to yourself. don’t think about it; just make it