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How to eat food


Step 1:
Insert the food item of choice into either your right or left hand.
Step 2:
Bring your hand up to your mouth so the food is next to your lips.
Step 3:
Insert the food inside of your mouth.
Step 4:
Bite down with your teeth and your lips and repeat that.
Step 5:
Once the food is down your throught, repeat steps.

Step something:
Once the food is completely gone, stand up and wash the damn dishes.


its amazing how many people get these steps jumbled up sometimes


Yep, that’s why I made it


how do I chew the food inside of my mouth with my lips when the food is next to my lips when it’s supposed to be inside my mouth but it’s not inside my mouth because it’s outside? :joy:


its really annoying when people don’t do Step something …


I’m stuck on Step 1. It’s not working with my soup.


Instructions unclear, I fell down the stairs


Wait, I’m confused. My teeth aren’t moving at all… just my jaw. Are my teeth supposed to be doing something or are they defective?


This is difficult with soup


Good tutorial, some ppl really need to know how to do that “wash your dishes” step


Changed category to Off Topic

And I still have trouble with that last step :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


does not compute, what if this “washing” you speak of?


thx i usually mix some steps up and accidentally remove the food from my mouth after using washing products to eat it with.

this guide has helped a lot


Don’t try this. It’s a trap. This is how the government spies on you.


nice tutorial this is what the world needs oml


I’m having trouble grabbing soup with my hands any suggestions ??


Just put your face straight into the bowl and grab the soup with your tongue


you have to be more specific with that, I don’t know how to open my bag of Doritos and unscrew my cap of mountain dew, it’s very hard being a pro gamer ya know


This feature is kind of buggy, I’d prefer if the devs kept stuff like this optional to be honest. Maybe I’ll try it when they patch the interactions between eating and breathing


yeah man I give up for the time being just nothing I do works, guess I can’t win the MLG tournament now
(side note how do you post your own forum on here)