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How old is everybody?

Hello everyone Im 18 about to be 19 on the 29 of January

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Finally another 18 year old

Yeah cool for us 18 year olds right ? lol

Lol 8char

anyone else?

14 as well but I’m turning 15 on April 9th

im turning 15 in 7 months :confused: my bday is late but atleast im already in hs esketit

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Nice 15! Make everything count :laughing:

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I’m only 13πŸ’€

Nothing wrong with 13 !

Lmao yeah I know

I’m 17 years old but very lost in life.

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16, going to be 17 :joy:

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Idk like 2 maybe? I stopped counting


I am 19 years old (haha)

I want to be 16 again lol

26 (ain’t no shame in it)


I’m 20πŸ’β€β™€οΈ

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19 years old hbu

  1. :slight_smile: b