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How Often Are You Going To Post Bytes?


I’ll try to post every two days for a couple of months. But if I see significant growth I’ll grind harder.


Gotra grind hard 2 a day or 1 a day :slight_smile:


2-5 a day


It’s up to you but I wouldn’t recommend it, you don’t want to spam your followers. A lot of people who do this on instagram gain followers fast and then loose them really quickly due to people becoming sick of seeing posts from the same user all the time. and if its a joke then whoosh


Whenever my mind comes up with an out of the box, clever idea that I know I’ll be pretty confident in creating :film_strip:

Quality over quantity but still being pretty active :ok_hand:t4:


Trueeeeeeeeeeee , facts


Gunna do it at least once a day. Definitely gunna do a lot in the beginning to get some following so I’m going to do a bit more than once a day to start, but as time goes on I’ll transition to once a day to every now and then


do you mean v*nes? because you say v’s, if so im happy to change title to bytes for you

and also im planning on posting atleast once a week


daily lol


uh you do realise this was made in april… before we knew the name. he meant v2’s at the time


when i feel it :smiley:


maybe every other day


2-5 isn’t that many on a video app like this. A lot of old viners would do this and then delete the ones that weren’t doing so well. I’m taking this advice from Ricky Montgomery’s post: How To Ethically Grow Your Account On v2 second


I’m probably gonna do it just like I do things with other sites:

  1. Get super hyped up about using it and upload several times a day.
  2. Eventually gets tired and doesn’t post for like a month.
  3. Posts again but it’s much more infrequent.

I’m just super lazy okay xD


I plan to do it Once a day, but Tuesdays and Thursdays are completely random
But realistically speaking, whenever I feel like I have a great idea


Ah right I might try putting 2 out a day then just as an experiment I never created content on vine so didn’t know how it worked.


my goal is to to consistently put out one video a day…


Every time i got a good idea


Yeah I’m not too sure either. You’re definitely right that 2-5 is a lot for Instagram… Especially since a lot of people on insta only wanna see pictures, so if you post FIVE VIDEOS A DAY?! Definitely spammy. But on an app like Byte it could be different. Of course, you shouldn’t post five terrible videos a day, they should hopefully all be at least decent. Two is probably a realistic goal to set.


Yeah it all depends on what type of content you want to create and also if you think of a spontaneous idea, Idek if I’ll think of a great idea every day let alone 14 to 35 a week.