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How Often Are You Going To Post Bytes?


like 2 times a week or so depending on what ideas come to me


As a maximum one every Day. Minimun probably two per week


well I’m doing singing covers so to get myself out there at first I’m probably gonna start out with 2-3 a day to hopefully get some traffic on my account, then slowly move on to like one a day or maybe one every two days idk honestly I’ll just do whatever I’m feeling


Every day! Need to have that constant flow of Vs!


I’m posting everyday or maybe 2 times a day


I want to say every day but uni and work may mess with that… :joy:


Once a day for me.


One a day, maybe more. I loved Vine so much that it was natural to post at least one a day. There’s always something interesting going on around us.


i have loads of homework and work too as well as studying and working out, so many 3/4 a week?

i know people want to be constant and do every day/multiple times a day, but i think that it could get sort of annoying. at least if it was me i’d be too annoying for everyone to tolerate.

i dunno about others


Imma drop every day 24/7! :crazy_face:


daily for at least the first couple weeks


I’ll def watch your edits :purple_heart:


Thanks! :kissing_heart::heart_eyes:


28/7 woohoo


once or twice a week I have a lot I already wrote.


every day


Yo what’s up with the bump?


lol why?


it’s good; the topic is useful and it’ll reduce duplicates!


That’s true. :call_me_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2: