the byte community forums

How many of us are there?


Here on the forums, we love news, but what about ourselves being one of the factors that help drive byte?

It’d be nice to know how many monthly or overall users of these forums are, I guess over 4,000, since there are nearly that amount with a “First Post” badge, but there may be more, how many exactly? Who here knows?


just over 15000 users, you can see here!


Over 15000


yup over 15k, you can check !


15k amazingly cool ppl except the trolls we’ve got at some point.


Dozens and dozens


Ok there’s 15,000, but like how many monthy users? Idk.


1.0k active users in the last 30 days, it shows on the page I linked :slight_smile:


I’m so ready for this to come out! I can’t believe there’s already 15K here.



15K users is a lot of people. 1K of active users is also a huge amount


a lot


Theres a ton of people for an app that is not even out !

Its insane


changed from general to off topic, as this wasn’t byte related

pls make sure to read into what the categories are before posting, thanks! :grinning:

edit: i think it suits hype more


That’s sick


XD lmfao


But how many will get byte in the first week?


There are dozens of us! DOZENS!!!


deniately me


Not enough :triumph: