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How many active users do you think byte is gonna have?


just a prediction…


i think maybe 20M???


Well if we’re gonna be realistic it will be about Alta least 50M due to the successful launch of the previous app


yeah and all the RIP Vine compilations


Are you just making a post just to make a post?


what lol?


If it keeps climbing and climbing, I’d say 40M by the end of 2019. That assumes everything goes well.


Hopefully a lot, but i dont think it will just get to like 40m+ by just being released. I think to get there it’s gonna need a decent advertising campaign.




By the 1 year anniversary, I think it could have 80-100M Active users


But it depends… Like daily active or monthly active?


let’s say daily active


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Going to depend on how everything else goes but I’d expect either equal to or greater to the numbers the previous app had


well damn i always assumed 20m max but here yall are being positive n shit saying 100m

so i REALLY do hope 100m is an attainable goal, any idea how big was vine’s userbase?


Wikipedia says vine had 200 million active users by December 2015 (almost 3 years after release)


At least I will be one


maybe 15M at the beginning and then more and more