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Hot Take: TikTok isn’t gonna die because of Byte


Oh look at me, i’m turning over the dark side for not saying TIKTOK IS GONNA BE MURDERED BY BYTE!!!1! First off, I dont think Dom made byte to destroy tiktok, also TikTok is it’s whole other thing, and when Byte is made, it will not kill TikTok.
TikTok is a very big thing in Asia. Its insanely huge there, and there are people on tiktok who do make some sortof living off of tiktok. Not to mention, TikTok is slightly different from byte, and maybe some people like that type of content better. Personally, I like you can change it from a 15 second clip to a 60 minute clip. Also, TikTok has brought quite a few memes, and it’s pretty funny most of the time.
Now, what bothers me is when people always talk about how Byte is going to kill TikTok in a really weird mean spirited way. Like, we all know tiktok is bad on alot of aspects, and when I mean alot I mean A LOT. was pretty big even with vine sticking around, just saying. It’s so weird for people wanting something to be defeated so bad that it doesnt seem to be a joke anymore. Like, for example, I wanted Pewdiepie to beat T-series, but thats because i like the meme and I love pewdiepie since like 2013, but it doesnt mean I want T-Series to die. Yeah, theyre a pretty bad company and shouldn’t deserve 1st place, but its entertainment for alot of people in India.
It made me sad that people ended up bullying a different app just because it has a similar idea and is called Bits. Like, come on now. You shouldn’t go out of your way to attack a company because you love the 381st vine compliation that literally has 80% of vines youve already seen. Let people grow, unless if its V2, that’s just a blatant ripoff.

Anyways, rant over. I just honestly am getting sick of people saying this thing over and over again. It wont kill tiktok, it will compete tiktok, yes, but kill? Most likely not. Byte will be huge in Europe and North America and Australia most likely, but TikTok will still be huge in asia and other countries. Thats all, goodbye!!!


Go on Nick, spread the word!


Vine was popular everywhere. lol Anywho, people say it because they take pride in Byte.
Killing ANY app isn’t 100% possible. (people still use MySpace) But what they are saying is that Byte will take the #1 spot away from Tik Tok. I honestly don’t care. You know people on the internet exaggerate. lol


Personally I’m fine with Tik Tok. Not every aspect of it, but it’s tolerable. Helk I even have a Tik Tok account that I’ve been planning to post content on for the longest but never got around to.


Yeah that’s like saying Dom started an apple business to drive out the orange farmers. They’re two different fruits. Two different apps.


Yooo this is facts, couldn’t have said it better


changed from off topic to youtube & other services! :+1:t2:

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I agree. Even Vine wasn’t very popular here (I’m from Asia). Tik Tok is more popular that Twitter. But Byte is gonna smash it overseas

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I agree that we shouldn’t look down on apps with similar ideas/features. Its just childish and it makes this community look toxic.


I agree , I always took peoples’ comments ‘’ about how byte will kill TikTok ‘’ with a pinch of salt.

We all know that aint going to happen … people exagerate including me , however stealing their number one spot away from them is possible… ( I am fully behind byte !! )


Makes sense. I mean each app attracts a different demographic of people.


I don’t think anyone actually considered (or at least me) the idea that byte would literally kill tiktok. Like I personally don’t like tiktok and with the release of byte it might loose some attention but there will always be things for everyone. Even though I consider that app cringy, there will be people who like the content.

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TikTok is more lip syncing and i feel like byte will be more focused on on comedy and original content


I think the points you made in this post are key to the positive growth of the community, preach! :+1:

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Wow Nick you went off bby.


@jaydel Im sorry ill never do it again ):


It will be interesting to see what happens, but I feel like Tik Tok could face competition from byte. However, I think the auidence for this app will be a lot different than the one over there. Just my two cents