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Hi there! I’m doing YouTube now :)


Just posted my first YouTube video the other day!!

Would mean a lot if you would check it out and let me know what you think!! Just a short teaser if anything, but I’m excited to post again very soon!!
Thank you, friends!!


Nice first video!!! Good luck!!!


Subscribed. Interested to see where you take your channel.


good on you, dude! i subbed. i like the board games part. i love board games but most youtubers tend to stick with popular vg’s and nothing really of the sort.

good luck!


Thank you!!


Thank you for the sub!! I’m interested to see where it goes too :joy:


Woohoo! Thanks for the sub. And I totally agree, board games are insanely underrated and I definitely want to show off how cool they can be!! I’m glad you’re interested!


Good luck on YouTube!!! Also, you have nice eyes lol :heart:


Thank you!! I’m glad you like them :joy: the lighting from my window was surprisingly really good so I’m sure that helped!!


Good luck!!! :smile:


Ayyyyyye!!! Good job on posting


good luck and congrats!


nice dude
keep it up :slight_smile:


Nice! I can see you looking back on this some day!


Hopefully with fondness! I’ll say I’ve tried to do YouTube before but abandoned it bc I was too chicken but I’m feeling really good about it now!!! Thank you so much though that means a lot!


Thanks Marko!! :blush:


Thank you so much!!! I had been going back and forth about posting but I knew once I uploaded the first one it would be easier from there!


Thank you for the support! And thank you for the luck I might need it :cold_sweat:


Thanks, I plan on it!! :blush::blush:


Don’t have headphones on me rn but as soon as I get home I can’t wait to check it out and sub!!!