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Hi! My name is Chitrupa!


ALEX that’s so epic!!! I’ve only made 38 bytes so far as well actually and I’m sure you will be one of the best but not the best because I’m the best hehe epic #bytefam


Thank you me. Daniel



He’s lying about that last thing, just saying.

I go by that :grin:


Would not consider this a duplicate since it’s unique to a person.

Just to connect: if someone made a thread to post your Instagram, making a new post about your own ig account wouldn’t be a locked

:wave: chitrupa. Welcome to the forums.


It is asking for other people too, exactly what mine does


Name Jeff

Also welcome!


My name is not Chabe but call me Chabe. I’m a freshmen and I’m a professional mistake maker


Howdy!! :cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face: Indeed the best :joy::ok_hand:t2:


Thank you very much. Hope to see ya around. :hugs:


@Oren Sup Jeff! :sunglasses:

@Chabe Hey Chabe! Also are you a freshman in High school or postsecondary? :thinking:

@FaizalDawx Hey! :hugs:

@Sammmm I’m sorry. I didn’t see that post. But you seem like a very fun person. I also enjoy Drama (if you are talking about the school subject) :smile:


@chitrupa welcome​:yellow_heart::yellow_heart:


High school


Well, welcome to the forums Chitrhupa! :sunglasses::hugs:
My name’s Chaos or Chxos (chaos with an X in some cases cause I’m cool :skull: )

My Instagram is chxos.jpeg so feel free to follow!

I’m from the U.S. Good ol’ Green Hill Zone, Unidentified State to be exact.
I was 17, but turned 18 back in December.
I’m also a Senior in high school (and ready to be done with this school thing tbh :joy: )

And my hobbies include, but not limited to: watching youtube videos, gaming, drawing, being dead inside, and becoming a future Byter of course!


@Elikuti :yellow_heart::yellow_heart: :yellow_heart:
@Chabe Aw. :weary: I miss the days when I was a freshman. I was so pure :innocent:. That ended real quick. :smiling_imp:
@chaos.jpxg I can relate to being dead inside :dizzy_face::mask:. Also same, I’m never looking back once I get out of high school :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:.


I will be making Dolan Twin edits on byte. Honestly can’t wait. I already have so many done. Just waiting for the day to post it. :heart_eyes::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:


OMG :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:. I’ll make sure to watch and like all your edits :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:


Thanks sis! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Welcome @chitrupa


Thank you very much :relaxed: