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Hi! My name is Chitrupa!


Hi! I’m new to this forum. My name is Chitrupa Sharma, But you can just call me Chitrupa.
This is how you pronounce my name: Chi - through - pa
My Instagram is @chitrupasharma if you want to see more of me :blush:

I am from Canada, I’m 17 (I will be turning18 in November), and I am a senior in highschool.
(how boring)

My hobbies are acting, singing, filming & editing, making music, and having fun.
(no one asked)

What is your name? Introduce your self. :hugs:


Hey Chitrupa! Welcome! My name’s arf and I enjoy wasting time, eating chips, watching cool stuff, and moderating online forums.

I am from Candy Land, about to turn a ripe 9001 years old, and hope that byte will rock!

as you can tell, i make a lot of very bad jokes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Dw. That was funny :joy::ok_hand:t2:

Also we all hope that Byte will rock :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:

Thank You! :heart:


Welcome @chitrupa! My name is Reid, but you can call me moto. I like racing motocross, and videogames. I’m an expert on these forums, and i hope to see you soon! :grin:


Aw. Hello Moto! I hope to see you soon as well! :crossed_fingers:t2: :laughing::crossed_fingers:t2:


Heya! I’m GrEthan. I am both of the Dolan Twins combined.
Welcome to this forum! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hey! I love the Dolan twins :purple_heart:


Hello there Chitrupa and welcome to the forums! It’s always nice seeing new people around here. :grin:


Hi @Rafiki Thank you for being so welcoming :blush:


Hiiii! Welcome to the forums!!! :yum:


Hey! :hugs:


hello chitrupa, welcome to the best forum on earth, my name is shona, it’s nice to meet you :grin:!


Hey @chitrupa welcome to the forum’s! I’m Marko, I’ve been on the forums for a while now :laughing:


Aye! I’ve been on the forums since yesterday :joy::ok_hand:t2:


Nice to meet you too @ShonziTho Thank you for the warm welcome! :hugs::heart:


Howdy! I’m Daniel, but I also go by Dan or best user on the forum


Hi! My name is Iaa (ee-yah), 20 and this forum is such a nice place not just for updates for an app called byte, it is also a great place for meeting new friends. Hope you have fun around.

I love being on the computer/smartphone all day. I also like to edit pictures and videos, do music, and drawing. But I’m more of a writer.

I heard that app called byte will be the huge thing to ever happen.


Says who


says you


I made 38 bytes ha I’m going to be the best ever