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Hi, i'm an animator!


hi! i can’t freakin’ wait for Byte, especially as a place to post the animations i make.

my twitter is, and my instagram is
(my fancy-schmancy portfolio website is, if you’re interested)

here’s some of the animations i’m probably gonna post on Byte!


i can’t wait to see all the awesome art that people make on Byte!!


This is very cool :+1: I like the third one it’s very disfiguring


thank you!! it’s based on some crazy stuff i read about mass surveillance.


very nice! i liked the third one too, reminds me of a certain video game boss…


That’s Legit


thanks!! …which one? undertale?


yepo, how’d ya guess? : p


Really like the art style of the third one! Reminds me of another amazing artist whose name I can’t remember :((


Pure Talent :kissing_closed_eyes::ok_hand:t2:


looks amazing!!




Hey Np :relaxed:


Fall 2018 animation real was nice. Who are some animators which inspire you?