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Hey I am Stachixy


Hey guys I’ve been on here for a while now and realized I never made my own post on here. I am Stachixy. I am a contortionist, musical theatre nerd, who performs at Seaworld. I am 20 and I am in So Cali. Any questions I am down to answer, but here is my insta or just look up stachixy. I am already 40k followers strong so lets go!!! :slight_smile::slight_smile:


greetings stachixy.

weclome to bite forms hallo!!!


hello @stachixy! I’m Reid, but you can call me moto. I love to race motocross and play video games, and i love byte. and that’s about it. welcome to the forums! :grin:


Welcome to the forums! It’s awesome to see people from all walks of life be interested in Byte.
I hope you show your talents on the app. You planning on making a few Seaworld videos?


Hey chixy welcome to the forums :+1:


Gawd Damn, them moves lol , welcome to the forums girl :slight_smile:


Keep stretching stachixy. Cool! I’m Chabe! Nice to meet you!


Welcome to the forums!! Great to always have new faces join #ByteFam we are the strongest community on the internet ! #ByteFam


Welcome to the forums!


Well of course got to show off the animals and the performances for those that can’t make it to Sea World


Hi chixy and welcome to the forums! :+1:


I know i’m not the only one cover is nice. Who are your favorite singers?