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Hey! Guys. Comment down below why byte is so important to you


Hey guys!
My reason :
From my childhood till now i have seen nothing but the sacrifices from my parents, getting me things just to make me happy, getting me instruments because i had interest in music. Now that i have grown up, i dont want anything else more than to make my parents happy for a lifetime . I wanna give them the satisfaction that there son made it, i wanna give them stuff like they gave to me all my life. I just wanna make them happy and every single friend of mine too, as they played a vital role in making me the person i am today. This is my reason, i wanna help the people around me.
Whats yours ?


Same reason here my man.


I’ve said it a few times already, I want to live and create experiences that make me a better person and that fullfill me in a positive way.


I wanna do it. I wanna love that experience experience and I want to know that I’ll be pleased with my work, whatever it may be. Etc


:grinning: sameeeeeee


All the best man!!!


Yeah! I wanna live it too


I’m not gonna share my reason because everyone here who knows me knows about the dark life I had to live but at the end of the day I want to change the world for the better for the future generations to live in a happier world and this platform hopefully will allow me to do just that


Well for starters, I was a huge vine lurker and I saw the way that a lot of viners impacted other people so I would love to do the same for Byte. I wanna make skits that I can look back on and enjoy and I want my friends/family to enjoy them as well. I really just wanna make people happy cuz doing that is the greatest feeling ever.


I’m super optimistic that this is going to attract the creators that used vine. Especially the smaller ones, I miss seeing maple the dog, the guy who would dance to pony in different places, and the guy who would make landscape sweaters.


I think I’m all of the ones mentioned here so far


Hey that’s a real good, wholesome reason. Byte is important to me because I see it as an opportunity, and new opportunities are exciting to explore. Would be the dream if byte could launch me into a different career or something.