Help with a looping video project


Hey all, been working on app that takes some things that v*** got right with a modern twist. trying to make new ways for people to create, collaborate, and creatively challenge each other - all in looping video. Here’s a link:

there’s still a lot to be done and improved - so would love feedback and to hear what you guys think!


checked it out – thanks for the share! i liked the effects on there, will be cool to see how people use that in their vids


Just wanna warn you there are a lot of people who don’t want anything that’s not vine it actually sucks but multiple apps that tried to be the new vine received a lot of hate because thousands of people only want an app from the original creator of vine sorry to break it you but look up Yuser Oevo and just became tik tok


Changed to promote yourself :slight_smile:


Haha yeah that name needs to be improved. I mean “splish” sounds like the sound a sponge makes when you wring it out. Idk man it sounds kinda disgusting. You’re making software, not water balloons. If a friend told me “Hey Mason, you need to check out this app, Splish!” I’d be like “Yeah I’ll have to take a pass on that.”


Really good point. We’re not trying to be the new v***, just thought that it’s something the community might also be interested in and be able to give good feedback on


haha! haven’t thought of it that way before, thanks for the feedback. I do like water balloons…


Android beta??


android in a few months! if you message me your email I can add you to the wait list



Hey all - we made some updates based on feedback this past week. made it way easier to post + respond to others’ posts. also improved discoverability quite a bit for new creators.

let me know what you think!


Android ?