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Help me get on famous birthdays

Famous Birthdays only adds people that get searched on there a lot, so I wrote a bit of code that automatically sends a search to their server when you click a link. (Hire me Dom! lol don’t)

When you click it it will redirect you to famous birthdays and it will say “Insyde is not found” (or hopefully show a profile if I get enough clicks)

Here is the link:

It would mean a lot to me if y’all would click it.

(And also if you are going to comment something like I’m desperate, don’t. Because I am lol)


Famous birthdays is highly competitive. Although it may be good for exposure, there’s no point obsessing over something that competes other users excessively. Is your mental health really worth it?


An even easier way is to literally just email them with why you should be added…


I did that and they told me it’s based off searches.

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It may be competitive to get in, but there’s no harm in trying. I also put a swipe up link in my Instagram story, so I might make it🤷‍♂️

I’m not super obsessed about getting in, definitely won’t be disappointed if I don’t make it. I can’t get more “not in” than I already am ! :wink:

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Wait why do you want to be there I’m not hating or anything I’m just intrigued and impressed that you made the link? I believe I’m so loss I click the link tho :joy::joy::joy:


Idk I just think it would be cool to get on there :man_shrugging:


You need at least 10’000 people to do this.

“Sorry sir, there’s nothing I can do”


At least I didn’t do jt


Did they say that you need 10,000 people searching you?

That’s a stretch, but I might be able to do it.

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this is as much as i can help w really

can 100% confirm that this works lmao


I mean I did do that exact thing. Here’s the response:

"there is an imbedded algorithm based on search data within the site’s internal search engine that fuels the adding process. If/when you reach our database and are added to the site, our PR staff is usually good about handling press kits/images.

Thank you,

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that’s crazy, guess times have changed :frowning:


chris is such a gent


I’d much rather spend money on FB ads then trying this. Once you get the money from to do this full time you’ll get on there no problem.

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I am doing that as well. There’s no harm in trying, I feel like it would give me more credibility with a page there.

I searched your name but good luck getting on there :sunglasses:

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I made it!