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Help i need an idea for my next youtube video!


I need to film something and I’m out of ideas, could anyone help me (my channel is Living Like Lizzie) :joy: Any idea no matter how crazy (but like not too crazy example swimming with sharks, eating spiders etc. :joy::ok_hand:t4:


whats ur channel?


It’s called living like lizzie :heart::heart:


Do a Vlog, I like those. Maybe listening to music or dancing to it.


Shareee the link!!


try to do a reaction to something that is trending and controversial

#7 :heart:


Come up with 200 channel ideas first or figure out the genre you want to be to figure the format out. For example if you’re a singer and you wanted to upload 7 days a week:
Day 1: reaction & critque of your fans’ content
Day 2: original content (vlog, song, etc)
Day 3: Do a review of one of your fans channels you like
Day 4; interview one of your fans
Day 5: Do a Remake by doing your own version of your fan’s content (for example; making a vlog in the style of casey nesitst, a cover song of one your fans content, etc)
Day 6: Do a Collab with your fans of some sort (making a video together, song, make up tutorial where each record a step to make one video)
Day 7: Tip of the week on growing your channel, life, etc

You could take all 7 suggestions , and do them once a week to give you more time. Because of the format you’ll never run out of content now


You can do the “would you rather” challenge


Thank youuuu :blue_heart:


Just wanted to show I cared


“easy youtuber content”: @ElizabethOjukwu

  • whats on my phone
  • my favourite songs
  • q&a
  • wishbone would you rather
  • reaction video (bury a friend by billie eilish is popping rn)
  • unpopular opinions



You could do a vlog of your life, do challenges with friends / family, or something that you’re passionate about. BTW I’m just making these suggestions out of the top of my head and I’m not sure what your channel’s content is specifically based on.


Taser strangers on the street


It might not be good to just fill your channel with a bunch of trends though…


yeah but these are just videos if you have absolutely no ideas at all.


Yeah, I guess :grinning:


Ooooo great ideas!! :blue_heart: thank you


You’re kidding…right? :joy::joy::joy::thinking:


Yeah, please don’t actually do that and blame me for giving you the idea