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Has anyone started creating concepts yet?


I’m in the middle of the process of writing on this rainy day in LA, and I’m curious. Has anyone started writing any concepts for Byte? Or possibly even started filming?

By the way, I’m down to collab with others from Los Angeles! Hit me up, so we can put our strongest foot forward when Byte releases!


Put your topic in a category please. I put it in General Discussion for ya. And yes I have been coming up with ideas. Haven’t filmed any tho


Some people have already created hundreds, i need to catch up


and they’re also edited too


will do. thanks


damn, HUNDREDS? I guess some people have nothing but free time lol. I’m planning to create them with my circle of content creators. Hopefully, we can get that many created before Byte drops lol


i currently have 244 skits


I have 64 ideas write now and im still going


i’m at 88 ideas so far


I had lunch like 7 ideas but lost the paper I wrote them down on. rip


I have at least around 100 ideas written down. But I’ll start filming around the beginning of February.


I have 0, let my natural stupid self record naturally with not idea and see what comes from it.


I have been writing down ideas, I usually it’s just a sentence but I figure I’ll come up with it later…


I have a few ideas but I haven’t started filming or editing yet


this 100% lmao although i got some written up, i bet 90% of my bytes would be impromptu ones


wait why not now? so you can be ready


I ve written down some ideas on my phone.


Well, I’m going to be traveling in a bit…visiting family and stuff…and I’ll be back home like halfway in January. Ya…so thats why I wanted to start in February.


I’ve got a ton of ideas I’m writing down in more detail atm. I carry a notebook in my purse so I can work on em at any opportunity.


I have some ideas but I haven’t film them yet!