Has anyone downloaded the fake V2?


I just wanna know if anyone has dowloaded it and if so are there any good videos? Maybe there’s already great content being made and we’re all missing out.


Nope, i cant find any V2 fake app in Play Store


Try to type in V2 app in the Google play store




no i don’t want to give them numbers lol


I’d rather not, it increases their credibility with download numbers and makes more people think it’s real


Of course not, I’m waiting for the one and ONLY V2


I wouldn’t reccommend downloading shady apps of any type


I agree. They might even contain a virus.


Downloaded it for one second. Unfortunately there are some talented creators on there, but the actual app is a terrible fake.


Probably wouldn’t if they’re on the Apple App Store, as they check through them before they’re put on. I did use a VPN though, just in case they tried to track my IP or something


I did twice, but then I found out it wasn’t worth it


Yeah just to see how bad it was, the username system sucks, I typed in alex for example and 30+ different Alex’s came up.


The real v2 app is gonna be worth the wait then


Their are some great “artists” on there grinding already and are pretty good. But the platform itself sucks. It just doesn’t work


Nope, waiting on the one and only v2 to come out


I did just to see what’s going on with it and man it’s bad.