Happy Pancake Day! 🥞


My mom always makes me do them so I can’t avoid them :expressionless: but when she’s not home I throw them in the dishwasher :joy:


My momma tries :joy: but we don’t have a dishwasher so the struggle is real :joy: :weary:


I don’t have dishwasher packs so I use dish liquid instead :joy:


Pal, pancakes all day! :raised_hands:


Bruhh lmaoo I guess whatever works :joy: :joy:


It does work but it sometimes spills everywhere so I have to mop :sob:


Oh damn, one nightmare leading to the other :joy: :weary:


Yes indeed :joy::sneezing_face:


Yeeeep :raised_hands:


i had some pancakes last night and the night before :drooling_face:


I love the pancake with caramel :drooling_face:


Ooh That’s very cheeky :joy:


Ooo I like your style :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


believe it or not, the best pancakes ive ever had was at the “waffle house.” :rofl::joy: