Happy Pancake Day! 🥞


Or Shove Tuesday as some like to call it :sweat_smile:

Tell me what kinda pancakes you having and whatchu having on them?? (If you’re having them) :smile::yum:

I had cinnamon bun!


I love homemade pancakes (well, crepes if you’re in the US) with lemon and sugar :slight_smile:


Ooo good call, lemon and sugar is a fine contender


I didn’t have pancakes :upside_down_face: but if I did I would have regular pancakes cause why not :joy:


Ayy nothing wrong with good ol’ plain n simple :sweat_smile:


That’s true! I also want crepes but my mom doesn’t have enough money to buy them :upside_down_face:


Oh damn, what about making them from scratch??


Poland doesn’t have a pancake :pancakes: day :frowning:


Never thought about that, but I probably will!


:scream: Y’all are missing out


Ayy good call! Lemme know how they go if you make them :smile:


Okay! I just need powdered sugar for that :thinking:


I know right. Thursday last week was “fat Thursday” and everyone eats to what is translated as a donut however polish donuts do not have holes in them.


Ooo is that for the topping??


Yes it is, I might try a little chocolate too!


Oo, I know today is ‘Fat Tuesday’ (or Maris Gras or Pancake Day) but that’s awesome, we have those doughnuts over here! :smile:


Ooo yeah! Go for it girl! I fully support you with that :joy:


Yay thanks! I just hate doing dishes though :joy:


So do I, it’s okay. I tend to avoid them very well :joy:


I can’t wait to have some later