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Guessing the launch date (part 2)


Technically seasons, like many things, are something of human construct. So maybe it’s always winter???


It’s gonna be somewhere within mar…


I’m guessing May

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My best bet right now is probably end of next month of really early April.

Hopefully in Maarch <3 We all anticipate it so much !

Further to this, it would be awesome to post if before spring break !

Higher chance to blow up quicker… :slight_smile:

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Tbh beta should be out by now :frowning:
But as they mentioned the beta won’t affect the release date of the launch…then I’d guess… hopefully March or beginning april


At this point, I don’t care about being a beta tester. Just give me the app.:weary:


I really hope Byte becomes something more than “Tik Tok”. I hope it becomes a great community full of creative minds!


i still stand by may 23rd!!! hopefully i’m right lol, but I guess everyone wants it to be released earlier

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I’m gonna say at the earliest March 20th to latest of June 5th.

But, has a beta been released?

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Since the app is expected to come in the Spring and Spring starts on the 20th of March here in the U.S. where said app is being developed, I’d say a good guess would be:

March 21st - 27th

A solid good one week time frame for a Spring release. I just hope they don’t do what they did with Vine and make us Android users have to wait for a release months later. :unamused: It almost always happens with highly anticipated apps and although it’s due to development differences between iOS and Android, it’s still rather annoying nonetheless.

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@chaos.jpxg I am sure Dom has said that android and iOS releases will be around the same time so there will be no unfair advantage, I could be wrong but I remember reading something about it maybe on twitter a while ago.


Anything special about May 23rd idk about? or is it just a complete guess ahaha

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It will be sometime in MARCH we reckon :blush:

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nope, a total guess :crossed_fingers:


There is still no beta

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My birthday is on march 25 so it would be the perfect present