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Guessing the launch date (part 2)


Really ?


I think April-june, probably end of may. So may 23rd I guess


hopefully it’s by my birthday (may 10th)!


omg my sisters birthday is also on the 25th of march.


I’m hoping it will come out around March!


Im guessing mid March, basically during spring break season :sunflower:


Ya, Spring Break would be the perfect time for its release.


April. March seems a bit reflecting too much on our huge impatience for the app’s release!


March is perfect…I got a Martin Garrix concert on the 29th


What about like February 30th? He would totally pick that day😉


That’s winter, isn’t it?


That is winter…

Spring be March-juneish


Yeah, but the date also doesn’t exist. I was jokin’ around😝


So was I. Sorry, I was attempting to play dumb. Guess I’m too smart for that :joy:


LMAOO i too didnt notice


Lol bc you are an expert I though you were being honest


Haha, no. Although we have a job here on the forums, I’d like to consider myself as a chill person.


25 MAY my BDAY


Well that’s great. Good to know the people running the forum are cool peeps!


mid march is winter