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Guessing the launch date (part 2)


So a few months ago I made a post about asking when do y’all think the app is going to come out. However now that we know that it will be launch on the next spring, when do you think it will come up. I think it will be launched o march 25


I think it will be in the beginning of June


somewhere in mid april
april 12?

(i picked 12 bc its a friday and fridays are the best)


If I were to guess, I’d say late March / early April…possibly around the time of spring break…idk


hopefully march time…no later than early may


it shall be on the IDES OF MARCH!


There is no need to speculate the exact date the app is going to be released dom said Spring 2019 thats what we wait for


April Fools day would be fitting!


My birthday is march 13th so it better be then! :slight_smile:


My birthday is on March 25 so


with any luck it will launch on april 20th


I’m thinking early Spring. Like March 15th or something like that.


When do you guys count as spring? Because here it’s still very much winter into march…


March 21


it starts on march 20th (if you live in the us)


Oh wow I’m all for April 1st


May 15th randomly sprung to mind for me lmao


March 28th omg what a great bday gift that would be :sneezing_face:


Dom said something about Jan 9, but that’s the beta launch.


Really ?