Goals you wanna achieve via V2


I wanna travel road trip accross the country,move to a tropical place etc. What abt you guys?


I want to gain a clearer understanding on what I want to do with my life! Being a creator on social media would be super awesome and through V2 I hope to play out that possibility and see what it has to offer!!


I’d like to establish a loyal following for myself and actually make a positive impact on the world, compared to other influencers who become too obsessed with money and lose focus of what got them there in the first place


Improved creativity. :slight_smile:


I want to gain awareness on First World Problems


I want to help out the 3rd world


work on social skills
then, connect with other people


Erm… how about i will have a place again where i can watch something on a 30+min bus ride everyday?
-from someone who is not planning to uploaf :joy:


Load not loaf




I want to improve confidence and have some fun :slight_smile:


make friends!!! (and get better at editing. i haven’t done anything editing outside of photoshop (class) in years.)


Hoping it’ll get me out more and give me something to do :slight_smile:


Live my life to the fullest


I wanna meet more people with similar humor and make people happy through comedy videos :two_hearts:


hopefully get my music noticed and become more confident putting myself out there (because I have the biggest stage fright everrrr)


Im using V2 to grow my youtube channel personally. Like its good content its just hard for people to find it due to me being a…oh yknow a smol boi channel


I just want to make friends and be a part of this amazing community! even if I get nowhere with it, I’ll be happy knowing that I tried and met you guys!!


I wanna meet new friends and get a decent number of followers that enjoy my content


Omg uploaf. The newest social media site where you only post pictures of and talk about bread