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GIFs and PNGs on byte

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The more time I spend on these forums, the more I notice that GIFs and PNGs are file formats people in this community really like to post publicly, especially as their profile page’s header and avatar pictures. This leads me to believe that the integration of GIFs and PNGs on V2 (at least, on profile pages) would probably be embraced by many in this community.

Would you be happy with the integration of these file formats on V2, or do you think V2 should stick to solely supporting pictures with no transparency and video?



Yes! Transparency often times makes editing things easier.

Unfortunately gifs don’t have audio.

Perhaps v2 could pioneer a new format for animations supporting transparency and audio. I’d love to see that.



Seeing videos with transparency and audio would be a pretty cool feature to add to V2. I wonder how it would blend with the news feed. :thinking:

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Yesssss! that would make me so happy as dancing bmo



Animated stickers would be another cool feature to add to V2. I think that if this feature ever ends up being part of V2, it’ll mainly be for adding these stickers to the captions you create for the posts you publish. :memo: :blep:

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Wait how’d you do that



gif profile pics = :heart_eyes: just having banners/headers for your profile would be amazing, but being able to use gifs = :heart_eyes: (like this:

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Byte will be amazing regardless, but gifs would be dope :ok_hand:

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Opens some issues, NSFW content, flashing imagery, etc.

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