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Genuine expectations for V2?


Okay, so I assume everyone else here is a trifle excited for V2, but realistically, do ya’ll think it’ll be as good this time around?

With it being very similar to OG Vine, do you think people will be able to create a fresh new wave of content without relying too much on references to the original stuff, or possibly attempting to recreate?

I’m looking at it with desperate excitement because of how much I loved everyone’s content from the old Vine, but I don’t wanna set myself up for disappointment, cos I know it won’t be exactly the same. Anyone feel me?


for sure it will not be exactly the same but funny and viral content will still be created in v2. People never end when it’s about finding weird and funny stuff.


i think that some are excited for a new app as well, so it should be fine! I really miss Vine though, i hope that the community is good.


I think there will be a lot of references/recreations of old ones but the ones that will become popular and get more attention will be the original ones probably, which will then convince people to start making original ones since they’ll see that the fresh start ones are what are entertaining


In with the new, out with the old


im pretty sure new trends and viral content would be made on v2. all the more to get excited! :smiley:


since died we’ve all been waiting for a new platform, sO I think this will be it for sure :slight_smile:


Idk I expect vine to have good and bad content. Can’t be as cringey as tik tok though


It’s Byte *


There’s always going to be those funny unexpected moments like the ok guy and people always come up with new jokes so I don’t think people will need to recreate old videos although it probably will happen I also bet a lot of people will come over from tiktok and uploads music videos just so they have access to a new creative outlet it’ll just be up to us the creators to make funnier content and also the viewers to keep say from the cringe side of things.


It’s been a over a year since I posted this, and honestly I’ve seen a couple of those “TikToks that remind me of Vines” compilations, and I have a little hope, that even if Byte doesn’t work out, there are at least ways to create and share similar content, though the large majority of TikTok is, rightfully, regarded as awful


:thinking:hmmmm I’m assuming you haven’t visited the forums or discord often these last ten months.
Because the TikTok anxiety and the Vine anxiety are kinda a 2018 thing. lol
New trends to come and more awesome content to come. The #ByteFam is in good hands.

We’re more concerned about when the second wave of BETA is starting. :tired_face:
Possible Byte Bulletin this Thursday. Keep up. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:lol