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[GAME] Last Post Wins!


We are making 0 progress toward anything


But @vespertine is the current winner imo because he was the last post for a solid 2 months uncontested.


I’m the winner!!! (for now :wink:)


For just a minute … I WIN


But not if… I WIN!


lemme have this one




heyo! lets go!


Attention, this is the police. Anyone who continues to comment on this post will be apprehended and detained for loittering. This is private property and we’ve received a note complaint so everybody just go home and everything will be fine, alright?
Thank you.


Next person to post is an egg


That’s it, you’re being detained for loittering and inciting violence. Cuff 'em.


I’m an egg… a winning egg. Mwahahaha!


Aaaaand you’re a jailed egg. I wonder how long it’ll take for you to hatch into a jailbird?


Ur granny tranny. :laughing:


Ohhhhhhhhh I’m fillin my quota today!


Hi I am also the police but I gotta lock u up too bc nobody is above the law. Neither am I. Locking myself up too rip


I guess lots of us are being locked up, where is this jail of yours?


That’s classified information


i wish this post was left alone… shoulda let the guy from 2 months ago win…


i’m actually a she but yes thank you give me the recognition i deserve