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[GAME] Last Post Wins!


C-C-C-Combo breaker!!!


no one else reply or bad luck for eternity :blush:


I’m gonna win


This is my post, there are many like it but this post is mine


Wanna hear a knock knock joke? Sure you do!
Knock knock!
Who’s there?
A broken pencil!
A broken pencil, who?
Nvm this joke is “pointless”

A moment of silence for this terrible joke. No one else comment to show your respects.


i am cool i think maybe not : (


Mee please


if somebody wins but nobody is around to see it, does it really even matter?


yes it does, becuz you get to win : p jkjk


hmmm, true


if yall could not reply that be great cus I WIN


for just a short period of time.


How will you verify the winning post?
Closing the thread?


I am the winner!!!


There can never truly be a winner because as soon as they tell someone they won, that person will just post and steal the W


Like how I’d steal this one


I don’t know what to write.


Give me that W


I bet I can lose this without even trying.


Lol okkkkkk