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[GAME] Last Post Wins!






what what what


I think not again.


i’m gonna close this topic after this post

jk i can’t


LMAOO :pancakes: laughing so hard rn


I think now is a good time to close.


@MattFogarty has the potential to win it all

also why do i keep liking people’s comments on here

it just invites them to swipe the last post from under me again


i won again


this is the last last…


I don’t think so :stuck_out_tongue:


Matt (or other mods) will probably close this down and claim it. But for now, I hold the title of the winner :sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




I’m going to CLOSE this LATER TODAY. I’ve set an alarm on my phone, to keep things fair. There can only be one winner. Be sure not to spam the post. See below for RULES!!!

RULES: Every user can post one more time today (even the folks who posted earlier today). So post wisely. I will check if anyone double posted to keep things fair and even. :slight_smile:

note: I will likely create another topic after the game has concluded asking users what they think of these types of topics (games). I personally don’t mind them, I just think we will eventually need to create a new space for them to exist that doesn’t take attention away from conversational topics. It’s also possible that once the beta goes live, these types of posts won’t be as popular. Only time will tell. Always curious to hear what you guys think.



Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Beats who?

Beats me…

… I’ll let myself out…


:pancakes::pancakes:Lmao :pancakes::pancakes:


STOP in the name of love…


Last Post.


last …

Just forum things (byte forum yearbook)

Congrats @ShonziTho you won!

Such a funny post to win on. Haha