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Funniest job interview stories

one time I applied at a pretzel place at the mall and the general manager knew I liked musical theatre, so she made me belt out a song in the middle of the food court where my interview was and all these random people around me were like :exploding_head::flushed:???
safe to say… I NAILED THE AUDITION​:star_struck::partying_face:
when I worked at a movie theatre some customer threw a tub of popcorn at this girl I was working with. :popcorn:
drop any funny job stories below :point_down::point_down:


That customer is so rude oof, but ive never applied for a job im a stay at home daughter for a few more weeks then i switch to a student :sunglasses:


I used to cry during all my past interview because I would get so nervous… I even told a lady “I’m not sad, I’m just super nervous”