Followup Beta Signup


iPhone 6!


Ayy! A fellow One plus user, that’s awesome!


I know you said no new accounts but I have multiple devices (and just found out about the forums today). I have and iPad Mini 2, iPad Pro, iPhone 7. I also have used TestFlight before (if you count that as a plus)


iPhone 6s



Using Galaxy S9+
Really excited to hear about the successor of original vine. Cant wait for the public beta


iphone 5 s :}


( My Devices! Note 8,s8+,s9 and my Go to Camera LG V20 )

Sorry I’m Late! But I WANT in Please my Son and I Loved Vine! My Wife and Daughter Hated it! Because me and the Boy already have a Non-Stop Sense of Humor! And Vine! Really Had us Fired-Up


IPhone X

I seriously can’t wait for what the future holds.


My hope is I am not too late.


iPhone 8


Hi, iPhone 7 :blush:


I have a iPhone 6s which is running iOS 12


iPhone 7

Excited for this!


Hi Dom! I have an OnePlus 2.


Galaxy S9, this is exciting!


I can’t wait for what’s to come, I loved vine and i’m so glad you are trying to bring it back some way.

Just in case you want more testers I have an Iphone 7 (Home) + HTC One M9 (Work).


iphone 8 plus


iPhone 7 Plus


Samsung s6 edge plus light me up fam


iPhone 6. Please let me beta test! I’ve been waiting for this for ages, ever since I signed up! I missed it by 12 hours! Pleeeeease dom!