Followup Beta Signup


Btw were not adding anymore by that I mean we won’t add your name to the list unless dom says so


iPhone X

Really psyched to see this still moving forward and focusing on community!


iPhone XS Max. Very excited for V2.


iPhone 6s iOS 12


I’ve been lurking and never made an account until now so I understand if I don’t fit the criteria, but I thought I’d try just in case, I have an iPhone 8 with iOS 12.1


iPhone 8+, but soon to be XS max :+1:



iPhone SE :slight_smile:


iPhone 6s iOS 12, I turned on “receive form updates” via email and I got the email today on this post :confounded: been on here since the beginning hope I get in


iPhone 8 Plus!


While Y’all are here, you should join us on discord


iPhone 8 :clap::clap::clap:


Samsung S9 Edge I’m excited to see what will come of the app!
Thank you Dom


Samsung Galaxy s8 plus

Waited for this about a year finally! cant wait to share my day.


Iphone Xs max


iPhone 7 (iOS 12). Joined Vine late, but joined this forum early. Looking forward to your next masterpiece.


iPhone SE! (iOS 10) :slight_smile:


iPhone X.


iPhone 7 iOS 12


Google Pixel 2 - signed up to be part of the first wave of a new innovative community


OnePlus 6. Super excited!