Followup Beta Signup


iPhone 6!


iPhone X :))) so excited I’ve been following this since you began posting about it on twitter


iPhone X


Galaxy s8! :smiley:


I have an iPhone 7 running iOS 12 and the email I have on here I use always


iPhone X. iOS 12.1. I am a 2m+ View SnapChat influencer, 2.1m on Instagram and have 2m on Twitter.


Samsung Galaxy s8


I have an IPhone 8 :slight_smile:


Closing thread in about a half hour…



thank ya,i removed my post lol


Galaxy S7


Hey sorry I have just upgraded to the iPhone Xs so I don’t have my iPhone 7 anymore


I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S8+
I can’t wait to see how this turns out! :grin:
I’m so excited!!


Moto Z Play!! Tnxs


google pixel 2


ive been waiting for so long omg?? i know im new, but i dont care about the beta title im just really excited to make vines again!!
my device is a galaxy s7


Hey Dom!

I have an iPhone 5C, I’d love to help you with the V2 Beta. Can’t wait to see what you have created and of course can’t wait to see what other users will create with this app!

Kind regards and all the best


Note 8 here


marker -stop commenting after this point -
seriously we wont add anymore names its 30 mins after dom said he’d close it


iPhone 6plus, iOS 12