Followup Beta Signup


iPhone X - can’t wait to see this.


Iphone 8 plus


Oh dang. I just signed up. Didn’t know this existed until now. Rip me.


Galaxy S8+


iPhone 8 Plus.

Thank you so much Dom & crew for your persistence & tenacity. We appreciate you can we can’t wait!



Hey i have a iPhone 8 I’m super excited to start making vines for people and the original vine it was really getting me out of a dark place in my life and now I’m excited to do it again


iPhone X


Hey Dom! I have an iPhone 8 plus. My email matches the one on my profile, thanks for the beta invite :slight_smile:


samsung Galaxy j3 prime


iPhone Xs – really looking forward to it!


Justin- IPhone 8 Plus


Samsung s7!


iPhone 7.


Sony Xperia.
Was a major fan of V1 and can’t wait to get back on it.
So excited!


Samsung S9+

Email is correct, and if you need any help you always have your community Experts for whatever you need :blush:


iPhone X

Super excited been following for a while!


Galaxy s7 I hope I get on it thankyouuu!!


Galaxy note 8 & iPhone 6s



Woohoo! Hopefully you’re still considering people. Been here since day 1 and waiting for this moment!

iPhone 8 :slight_smile:


iPhone 6 hook me up!