Followup Beta Signup


iPhone X and Pixel 1, assuming there’s still an availability


iPhone X.

Super excited to bring back a social platform to its original community purpose.


OnePlus 5T

Thank you for keeping the idea of Vine alive, can’t wait!


iPhone 6s


Moto Z2 Play, looking forward to v2 :smiley:


iPhone X. I’m sorry I know I’m probably late and I totally signed up after the post but I thought it was worth a try regardless I’m stupid excited for a comeback of something like Vine I thought it was way ahead of its time. Probably won’t get into the beta so hopefully the official launch is soon!


hi i got a nokia 8


iPhone X here! I’m super excited about the app, and I really want to be a content creator! This would be the perfect way to get my foot in the door. Go Beyond, Plus Ultra!


I have an iPhone X’s Max, running iOS 12.01

I am so excited for this!!!


ZTE Blade Spark, running Android version 7.1.1 and I really want to help the newest version of vine to its full potential!


iPhone 8

I broke a rule by making a new account, and you’re free to deny me as the omnipotent one, but I hope I can retroactively qualify because I just found out about this forum and because I miss vine the most :frowning:


My name’s Darin King. I have an iPhone 8. Looking forward to your new app. I was a Vine user from the day it launched


iPhone Xs Max


Hi, Dom! I’m interested too.

My smartphone is a Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom (Android 8.0.0).

Tyvm! :pray:


Interested as well dude. iPhone XS right here! :slight_smile:


iPhone 7 Plus! Super stoked for this


iPhone XS


Pixel 2 XL


Hi Dom!

I have an iPhone X on iOS 12.0.1

Thank you for restarting your work on the project! After seeing the wanna-be knockoff V2 app show up on the App Store, I was hoping you’d have a resurgence and bring us the REAL sequel to Vine!



Hey Dom :wave:t3: I’m super stoked that you’re getting the beta up and running, I’ve been waiting so long for your next creation! I’m IPhone X btw :slight_smile: :iphone: Cheers man!