Followup Beta Signup


iPhone 8!


iPhone 8 Plus!

I’m so ready for this new app to come out!!! Take your time with it and make it the best thing ever!


Hey, I have an Iphone 6s


Iphone X


iPhone 8 plus, ios 12


Samsung galaxy s7 and so happy this is coming back. Vine is such a big part of my life and it’s why I am the person I am today. I don’t think I would be alive if it weren’t for the group of friends I met on vine. Thank you for doing this.


i have an iPhone XS Max and will have a Pixel 3 XL in a few days. I think the Pixel will be useful for testing in particular… thank you!!


iPhone X running the latest beta of iOS 12.1


iPhone SE running ios 12.1


iPhone X

I’m super excited for Vine to be back!


iPhone 7. never used vine, but def wanna try whatever you got cooking.


Samsung Note 8

Looking forward to seeing the community in action!


iPhone 7 Plus. Loved Vine. Can’t access my old account :pensive:


iPhone Xs Max


iPhone 8 Plus !

I was too young to be super creative on vine. I want to make FUNNIES


Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime
I’ve been waiting for this moment since months! I’m so glad to hear that the beta will released! :heart:
I’m excited to try it out!


iPhone XS Max
(The big boy)
Excited to bring content to the beta!


iPhone XS :slight_smile:


iPhone 7+

Can’t wait to try it!


Iphone X, omg its finally happening, I can’t wait.