Followup Beta Signup


I have an iPhone XS Max. Can’t wait for the new vine!!


iPhone 5s, Thank you so much Mr Hoffman. Legend! I’m soon upgrading my phone. Ive been here for so long, I really believe this project is going to be extremely successful and it will change lives.


iPhone 6s – I would love to be apart of testing the beta as myself and other friends are interested in using the new app :slight_smile:


Hey buddy will be a honor…as a content creator on various platforms this is one I am ready to put my full devotion!! Me & my iPhone X are ready


Huawei P Smart, and lemme just say y’all are legends for doing this :ok_hand:


iPhone XS Max!
iOS 12.1 beta :wink:


iPhone 6S Plus!


iPhone XS MAX
that’s amazing news!!


iPhone XS Max


iPhone X

  • BQ aquaris-x2

  • IPhone7

Thanks Dom! :sunglasses:


Samsung Galaxy S9+ Android 8.0


Hey! iPhone 6+ and running iOS 11.4.1


Iphone 6s


iphone 7 ios 12! i miss u guys


LG V10
(PS I just signed up on the website but I have been a part of this community for a while, just had no need to sign up as I had nothing good to add to the conversations.)


You have returned!!!


Motorola Moto X4
Running Android 8.0

Thank you so much for making this app I will try to report as many bugs as possible!


iPhone X


Yay! iPhone 7+