Followup Beta Signup


iPhone 7 running latest update (iOS 12.0.1)!


iPhone 8 Plus :blush:


IPhone 6s!!! Glad to know you’re passionate!


I have an IPhone 6 and would love to be invited to the beta because now I’m in college and I feel lost and I want to be a part of something big like vine so I can have something to look forward to in the future lol… in other words i would love to be a member of the follow up of vine🤷🏿‍♂️


I have an iPhone X. Also what was the whole V2 app release about because I could sign in and everything. It was downloaded through the App Store and I connected it to my Instagram, dont know if that’s bad or not lmao if anyone else noticed that and knows what’s going on lmk thanks😂


IPhone X, iOS 12 Developer Beta by the way.


iPhone 7 Plus


I’ve got a Moto E, 2nd generation. Can’t wait to see this app get off the ground! It’s gonna be great!


Hey Dom! Looking forward to creating with everyone on the new platform! Thanks for including us in the Beta! (iPhone X)


I see you are back!!!


Iphone 8



iPhone 6+

Can’t believe this is happening!


iPhone 5S running iOS 12!


iPhone 7. Looking forward to it!


iPhone 7

can’t wait.


iPhone 6


Hello, long time lurker. Thanks for everything you’re doing! Can’t wait to make even more memories with my friends on a new app.

I’m on a Pixel 2 XL running current version of Android


iPhone 7+ haha and I’m an Og. RMEMEBER the first three days of the forums where you would have to be invited but I’m glad I was. Love ya dom❤️


iPhone 7

I’m super excited to see the new app.


iPhone X on iOS 12.1