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Followup Beta Signup


I have a Samsung Galaxy s8.

Looking foward to trying out the beta! Early Vine user myself.


I have a Galaxy Note 8!


Samsung galaxy s9 and galaxy tab 3


HUAWEI Y5 II, pls beta test)


Samsung Galaxy S7. Im really excited to see this come to life. Thank in advance


Samsung Galaxy S8+…Thank you for not giving up, Dom


Iphone X! I’m very happy about this


iPhone XS Max here :clap:


Samsung Note 8! Have been waiting too long for Vine to come back alive.


I own an iPhone X. Good luck and thank you!


iPhone 6s

Really looking forward to this Dom! Great to see all the work put into this! :smile:


Iphone6 fam


iPhone 7, been on these forums for a long time and can’t express how excited I am for this, thanks so much!


iPhone 6s
Thanks for making v2 I really enjoyed vine


iPhone 7

I’ve been apart of the forums for a while. Months I think. Vine was always one of my favorite apps and sources of comedy and I would love to be apart of the beta.


Right now, I’m on a Nokia 3.1.


I have and iPhone 7. Please lemme try it out!! This is exciting!! UPDATE MY IPHONE 7 BROKE I HAVE A NEW ONE IPHONE 8


Iphone 7 plus and Ipad 6th Gen


I have a Galaxy android and I’m down to be a beta user for V2. I miss vine and just to try the beta version of V2 is all I want.


Iphone 7 @dom you are literally one of thr most strong minded people i know and i admire you thank you for bringing this to life