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Florida is the _____ state


chicken pizza with tartar sauce


Actually glad I got this link. They’re definitely a good group


If you look at all the news stories, you do see a lot of that. Fair enough


:joy: The news does have a lot crazy stories from FL. Remember one time a guy stole a car and took the baby carriage, out leaving the baby in the shade in the hot summer.


It’s all good :joy:


Never heard that one. Would be interested to know where that line came from😂


Sounds good to me😂


i just made it :joy:


weird and crazy




"Florida Man"


Disney World


crime show’s favorite


I figures as much :joy:


Definitely would say that’s accurate at times. Florida was nothing, but swampland at one point


Florida is the Florida man state😂


Disney world is definitely the place to be especially as a kid.


We definitely have some of the craziest news stories coming from here


Yes! I’ve always wanted to go


When I saw this topic I first thought about Florida the music band