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Florida is the _____ state


Fill in the blank and please no cursing for the fill in


i was gonna say “golden” but i bet its “sunshine” :sun_with_face::raised_hands:




Hurricane :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:


Retirement :roll_eyes: lol


rain and disneyworld


concrete jungle where dreams are made of?


is this all wrong answers? the natural disaster state lol. here’s a link to PTX’s “Natural Disaster” to have a good laugh with it


Crazy people


florida is the crack state.

everything bloody happens in florida, it was a running joke in my criminal law class. everytime we had a wild case, guess where it occurred? :expressionless:




crackhead :rofl: sorry!


musician who killing ears people of the united


but the crack state???


Golden would be California, but that could work too


That’s a pretty accurate statement. They seem to be everywhere around here


Certainly an issue in this state. One year electricity was out for a whole week. Was actually fun times in my opinion


That’s definitely true. Seems like they’re everywhere in certain parts of FL, but one day I’ll be old too😂


It’s December and it’s still raining. Disney world is probably the number one tourist spot out here


Sounds more like NYC if you ask me