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Favourite twitch streamer


mine is Jacks Films, i know he is a youtuber but he does YIAY live on there.

Whats yours?


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yes I know I was gonna catorgorise it



acksfilms. he’s one of the best youtubers imo :ok_hand:


I don’t really know because I don’t really watch twitch, but if I had to choose I would pick anyone who doesn’t stream fortnite :heh:


Ninja is the only one I know


Definitely not Ninja.


DjMariio. He’s a big FIFA Youtuber and he occasionally streams Fut Champions on Twitch. :soccer:


CohhCarnage my favourite twitch streamer by farrrrrrrr


old ninja was actually a bit funny, but he changed to be more broadly spread among audiences


Mine is Maximillian Dood and I’ve been a subscriber of his for about a year now.


i rlly enjoy notjenn_, tsm_myth, wasabiicat and austn10! (:


Madness overload