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Favorite kind of popcorn?


For me I like carmel flavor one. Which one is yours?


Carmelcorn ftw


its pronounced carAmel… pls and thx mason :joy:


Kettle corn or theatre popcorn with 10000 layers of fake oil-butter…


I don’t get it why you guys put such weird stuff on top of popcorns :thinking: Where I live it’s just popcorn with salt or sugar, that’s all


Natural popcorn with caramel. I like the flavor you get when you combine them.


I don’t like popcorn but cracker jacks are pretty good


I love to put lots of butter and cheese on my popcorn :joy: we love a healthy lifestyle :clap:


popcorn makes me nauseous but if i had to eat any itd be the regular kind




popcorn is my favourite food, so all of them!!


i like extra butter.:blush:


I like pizza flavored popcorn a lot. If you’ve ever got a Popcorn Girl near you…


You have to pop kettle corn over the stove, then drench it in REAL melted butter and salt. Now I am about to go to the grocery store and get some lmfao!


I’ve heard that when you go to the moves, get a bucket of popcorn with extra butter and mix mini Reeces Pieces into it. Never had it, but sounds preeety good to me.




Salt and sweet mixed for me.


I’ll second that statement


Feel like nowadays I can barely spell because of spell check😂


Sounds incredibly unhealthy, and probably will give you a heart attack but still sounds delicious :joy: