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Favorite breakfast meal is


Have another waffle fan. Respect


Not going to lie, bacon pancakes sound pretty good right now


French toast is definitely a good choice


Looks like a good choice in food right there


Toast and butter aint a bad meal for breakfast. Prefer a big breakfast myself, but I eat quite a bit despite being a skinny dude.




It’s the perfect breakfast :pancakes: :fried_egg:


bacon pancakes always sound good


i never eat tbh, like its bad but still


Fluffy scrambled eggs
Cranberry juice


coffeee,ice cream and pizza. I’m not joking. Its the perfect meal whenever you’re feeling depressed


i love eggs


Waffles and watermelon :watermelon:


Sounds like a good breakfast :fried_egg: to me. Definitely makes for a good meal


True. Not the healthiest breakfast, but certainly one of the most delicious ones.


Sounds perfect to me, especially the cranberry juice part.


Eggs always make for a good breakfast


Never had watermelon for breakfast. Might go and try that now


Rice and miso soup :drooling_face:


I loveeee waffles for breakfast, even thought I never get the time to make them ahah