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Favorite breakfast meal is


Mine is waffles, bacon and syrup are bliss


Nothing cz I don’t really have breakfast :confused:


I MEAN of course waffles :pancakes::pancakes:, also I like scrambled eggs or avocado toast (with an egg :fried_egg: too). :pancakes::yellow_heart:also arepas.


i love all kinds of eggs and ofcourse pancakes @Sofialopezos however i have yet to try waffles HEUHUEUEH


I mean, I for sure will make you eat like a ton of waffles LIKE WTH hahaha also they’re like pancakes with abs so yeah. :yellow_heart::pancakes:


HAHHA i literally lmaoed at that… they literally are panckaes with abs ehh. and yes we gotta make that happen one day


i love pancakes. but i don’t have breakfast every day.


banana milkshake :blush:


Waffles with whipped cream and syrup. Sausage/bacon is also good too.






Belgian waffles or French toast or pancakes and porridge


This… I don’t need to say anything more.


on the rare occasion i have breakfast itll be like just toast and butter, but i basically never have breakfast tbh


It’s all good. :grinning:


Sounds like a good breakfast to me.


You’ve never had waffles before? You should try them out, it’s at least worth a try.


Glad to see a pancake fan too.:grinning:


Milk shake for breakfast sounds like a good idea.


only thing I would add to that is more pancakes :pancakes::joy: