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Favorite bad songs of 2018?


What songs were so bad they were good in 2018?


Mia Khalifa Diss Track i heard it before tiktok its so bad its good and very catchy


probably all the raps made by youtubers. Six figures for example


literally the worst song ever made


Six figures I was only four


hit or miss by ILOVEFRiDAY
gucci gang by lil pump


freaky friday


Definitely agree with that one right there. What inspired your username?


If it’s this song, then I agree:


Actually like that song, but I can see why. What inspired the username?


Hello! What inspired my username was that people started calling me like that. At the beginning “Chabe” was only a nickname but nowadays it represents who I am and it represents my best attributes.


Kinda feel the same way about my name, people called me Bill so I just stuck with it.


funny story, my name is actually ahmed, but people end up calling me “Really” like i had never expected that smh